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 VXN Dance Fitness

Have Fun While Working Up a Sweat at Our VXN Dance Fitness Class

If you haven’t taken a VXN dance fitness class because you are too shy to shimmy and shake your body in front of a mirror and around other people, you are definitely missing out. Taking a VXN dance fitness class is more than just about nailing some dance moves, it is all about improving the physical & mental wellness of women by promoting mind-body connection, emotional release and community in addition to physical fitness. As a bonus, if you lack some rhythm, a VXN dance fitness class will definitely have you dancing in rhythm in no time. Best of all, anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter your age, ability or dance level. You set your own pace and instructors can provide modifications for those with injuries. 

Are you ready to try a VXN dance fitness class in the Whitesboro, NY area? If so, come to Clearly Connected, LLC. You will surely have fun while working up a sweat when you come into Clearly Connected, LLC.


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