Massage Therapist

Should You Become a Massage Therapist??

If you are considering becoming a massage therapist, you should know that you would be offering this kind of service that has a great number of health and wellness benefits, including the following: Massage therapy has been scientifically shown to help reduce stress and relieve anxiety. The effects can be almost immediate. As massage begins, the body releases serotonin and dopamine, the “feel-good” hormones. Massage therapy can be medically therapeutic, too. Studies have found that getting regular massage treatments on the lower back can help relieve pain. Of course, any back pain can be helped with massage, but lower back pain is one of the most common types reported to personal physicians. Massage therapy also helps to activate the lymphatic system, which is an integral part of the immune system. With regular massage, your clients may experience fewer bouts of colds and other illnesses. For more information about massage therapy as a career, please contact us today.

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