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Providing a variety of wellness services and supports under one roof.

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Massage Therapy with Hart In Hand

Andrea Boshart, LMT

Andrea is a 2013 graduate of Finger Lakes School of Massage. She founded Hart in Hand Massage Therapy in 2015 and her private practice was established in the Clearly Connected Life Coaching & Wellness Center in September 2020. 


Andrea has a passion for helping people enhance their quality of life. She specializes in a variety of massage techniques including medical massage and connective tissue and trigger point therapies. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.


Connect with Andrea for more information and to schedule your massage by clicking below.

Nutritional Support with Knox Nutrition 

Clearly Connected Life Coaching & Wellness Center is excited to announce the collaboration with Dr. Nanci Knox of Knox Nutrition & Chiropractic Care! We are now offering packages for combined services (Dr. Knox's office is located in Canastota, NY) and the Wellness Center is carrying a variety of Standard Process products that are high-quality, whole food based and support the body’s interrelated systems.

Candice and Dr. Knox have been working together both personally and professionally for the last 3 years and believe that optimal health, wellness and healing is achieved when we become aware of root causes, rather than just simply treating symptoms and behavior.


Standard Process Products Available:


Gluten Free and Vegetarian Purification Programs 

Complete Protein/Nutritional Powders

Catalyn Multivitamin (gluten free and chewable option for children also available)

Immune System Health Pack (vegetarian option also available)

Daily Fundamentals-Adrenal Health Pack

Daily Fundamentals-General Health Pack

Daily Fundamentals-Bone Health Pack

Daily Fundamentals-General Female Endocrine Health Pack

Clearly Connected Life Coaching and Knox Nutrition Service Packages Available:


4 life coaching sessions plus 12 nutrition visits $682.50 ($910.00 value)

4 life coaching sessions plus 24 nutrition visits $975.00 ($1300.00 value)

10 life coaching sessions plus 12 nutrition visits $982.50 ($1310.00 value)

10 life coaching sessions plus 24 nutrition visits $1275.00 ($1700.00 value)

Connect with Candice for more information on the products and/or to book your package.

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