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Join us for our VXN Dance-Fitness Classes on Mondays at 5:00 p.m. and
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. or grab your friends and book your own private class!

Are you interested in renting Studio space for your classes, trainings, workshops, parties or events? Click HERE to connect with Candice.

Pulse-pounding choreography set to the hottest beats in an immersive, high-energy atmosphere. VXN is not just about dance fitness. It's a total mind and body experience created especially for women. Our approach, rooted in neuroscience, merges high-intensity workouts with the power of movement, music, and collective connection, creating a transformative and unique workout experience. "Bringing the VXN dance-fitness brand to our community really lights me up and is part of my commitment to support women in getting Clearly Connected to themselves and each other. I have always been connected to dance and VXN has been an integral piece of transforming the relationship with myself, body and overall wellness. I want women to feel amazing and unlock their full potential!" -Candice 


Give your first class a try for FREE

 and then join us as VXN VIP Member for only $39.99 per month for 6 months!

The membership includes unlimited VXN Dance-Fitness classes for the month, member gear and more VIP perks for six month increments. There are no cancellations or refunds.


Individual classes are $20.00 each and a 4 class bundle is $40.00.

(The class bundle must be used within 31 days)

. Interested in scheduling a private class or individual training?

The rate is $25.00 per hour per person for a private class and $40.00 per hour for an individual training.


Add-on's with time and refreshments are available upon request for the private classes!


"I am really enjoying my time with Candice and my dance-fitness mates! I was so intrigued about this class, but was also so nervous and hesitant to step out of my comfort zone to try it! I'm so glad I finally did! Prior to coming, I never felt like I had rhythm or the greatest confidence, but Candice's unique approach has already helped me to connect with myself in ways that I never thought were possible! And, the workout is incredible! This is true wellness for the mind, body and spirit! It's also been a great asset for me dealing with the demands of my business. Join us! You'll love it!" -Gina S. of Ancient Shakes, Whitesboro

"I started coming to Candice's class a few years ago. There was no obligation, no contract, just try it for free! I was nervous, but Candice reassured me that this is fun, positive, non-judgmental and if you miss a beat it's ok; just keep moving! It definitely put me out of my comfort zone! Going forward, I have stuck with it and now I have much more confidence than I did when I first started! I am also burning more calories than I have in other workouts that I've tried. This class really does offer so much more than a workout. It's uplifting and inspiring; mind, body and spirit with a positive group of ladies that have fun moving their body! You have to show up for yourself. Consistency is key! Become the best version of you!" -Michele M.


"I have to thank my friend Rosa who encouraged me to take this class! I love that I am being active again despite everything my body has been through and the encouragement and love that I get here! The gym was boring for me and this class offers and means so much more! I actually look forward to working out again despite my disability. Thank you Candice for creating this amazing space for all of us!" -Kelly S.


"Being encouraged to look in the mirror and feeling beautiful! Never happened before!" -Julie H.


"Freedom to be me! To dance the way my body has always meant to dance without judgement; only with love, support and encouragement!" -Julie G.


"Candice is so wonderful to work with! She lifts you up, builds you up, takes no excuses and helps you believe in yourself so you have no choice but to continuously grow into a better version of yourself! Becoming a VXN member has been life changing for me. We have such an empowering and inspiring group of women and it's exercise made FUN! It's not only beneficial in a physical sense, but you will reap the rewards mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually as well! Join us! No experience required!' -Mary


"The best part of VXN for me is that it is so well rounded! I go to class because of the total results I feel; mind, body and spirit! It is such a great workout and so much fun!" -Marybeth


"I've been coming to class for a year now with my sister and the feelings of inadequacy and just being out of my comfort zone in every way was so hard at first, but I stuck with it because I wanted a change. I felt like throwing up, crying and giving up, but I made myself push through and now here we are killing it! It's still a work in progress, but to say out loud that I am proud of myself is huge!" -Kilty


"It's an hour where my mind doesn't chatter away at me! Complete stress relief! Coming to class is the most centering part of my week; nurturing my physical, mental and emotional health! Now I can't imagine my week without this empowering group of women lifting each other up every step of the way and having a blast doing it!" Julie B


"I've had so many days where my anxiety and depression takes over. Walking through that door I feel and immediate sense of peace and happiness! This is absolutely the best, most supportive group of beautiful women! My confidence (which is pretty non-existent) gets better with each class thanks to the love and support of everyone!" -Megan

"VXN is so much more than a dance fitness class! It is a community of empowering women, who each have a story, and are beautiful inside and out. I love coming to class each week and knew I wouldn't want to spend my birthday anywhere else! Thank you to Canidce and everyone for making me feel so special!" -Danielle


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VXN AND AN AVERAGE DANCE CLASS? The phrases of movement included in VXN are choreographed with both physical fitness and artistic value in mind. The movement resembles “commercial choreography” (movement seen in concerts, music videos, live TV) to give participants the visceral experience of performing on stage.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VXN AND AN AVERAGE FITNESS CLASS? There are three main components of fitness: endurance, strength, and flexibility. Fitness is achieved by combining these three elements. What makes VXN unique is the integration of these fitness elements creatively disguised in a dance format; designed to target specific fitness goals, such as cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, weight loss, and increased flexibility.

HOW MUCH PRIOR DANCE EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED AND WHAT FITNESS LEVEL IS BEST SUITED FOR THE CLASS? Prior experience in dance is not necessary or required and the class is suitable for various degrees of fitness. There are choreographed routines, but you will learn them step by step! There is no perfect so do your best, keep moving and make it your own! Have fun and enjoy the whole experience that this class offers! You will progress from week to week.


EXERCISE PLUS! VXN combines physical activity with cognitive, social, psychological (including emotional), and creative processes. In other words, VXN is just as much a brain activity as it is a physical activity!

COMMUNITY/WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?  There is scientific evidence to explain why VXN feels like a sisterhood. That is because dancing as one (synchronizing) encourages people to feel closer to each other and it raises your pain tolerance. People experience a blurring of the self into their groups thanks to the synchronization that occurs while dancing.  This is because when we watch someone else do the same thing at the same time as us, our brain ends up with a merged sense of us and them. It feels like we become one. It feels like you are part of something bigger than just yourself, and that you belong.

CLASS POLICIES: 1. Wear your workout gear or dress up like a performer! But proper footwear (sneakers) is required. 2. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in and prepare for class. 3. There are no refunds. If you register for a class and are unable to attend, your spot is forfeited.


"We live fiercely and will not let anything steal our light." #VXNARMY

Improve your overall well-being and unlock your full potential; mind, body and spirit with Clearly Connected Life Coaching and VXN Dance-Fitness!


This package includes four, one hour, individual life coaching sessions PLUS four one hour, individual VXN training sessions for $550.00. 


Your individual VXN Dance-Fitness training sessions will help you learn the basic moves and 4 choreographed routines. Prior experience in dance is not necessary or required and the routines are suitiable for various degrees of fitness.


Your commitment to yourself through this Life Coaching and Dance-Fitness package will help you to:


-Get Clearly Connected to yourself and your life in a new way,

-Boost your confidence,

-Feel empowered,

-Release your stress and stuck emotions,

-Energize your mind, body & spirit,

-Improve your physical fitness while dancing and having FUN! 


Clearly Connected Life Coaching and VXN Dance-Fitness are a catalyst for growth, change, healing and wholeness.

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