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Inspired by Candice's personal journey and passion for her work, she launched her Courage to Speak Initiative in January of 2021.


The intention is to help individuals and families, on a larger scale, to get Clearly Connected to themselves and their lives.


When we find our #CourageToSpeak, our overall well-being, quality of life and potential on all levels can transform. By becoming conscious and aware of causes, needs, unmet needs and how we are conditioned as we grow and develop instead of just focusing on symptoms and behavior, that's when we can truly heal and grow.


In addition, Candice believes that all approaches should have equal accessibility and coverage. She will continue to be an advocate for change and healing.


It's time to find your #CourageToSpeak and get Clearly Connected.


Support the cause and connect with Candice by clicking below.

Stay tuned for some #CouragetoSpeak news coming soon!

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